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“Mr. Nader has produced a wonderful piece of fiction that I’d love to see become nonfiction.”

—Tom Peters
author of In Search of Excellence

The New York Times has written, “What sets Ralph Nader apart is that he has moved beyond social criticism to effective political action.” The author who knows the most about citizen action here returns us to the literature of American social movements—to Edward Bellamy, to Upton Sinclair, to John Steinbeck, to Stephen Crane—reminding us in the process that changing the body politic of America starts with imagination.

Named by the Atlantic as one of the hundred most influential figures in American history, and by Time and Life magazines as one of the hundred most influential Americans of the twentieth century, Ralph Nader and the dozens of citizen groups he has founded have helped us drive safer cars, eat healthier food, breathe better air, drink cleaner water, and work in safer environments for more than four decades.

“Since the Progressive era, Ralph Nader has done more than anyone else to protect American consumers. With this utopian fantasy, he shows us how good he thinks things could be.”

—Warren Beatty

“As inspirited awork of the political imagination as Tom Paine’s Common Sense . . .The book is a joy to read.”

—Lewis Lapham

“A high-spirited visionary romp melding the wisdom, humor and imagination of Ralph Nader. May it inspire action.”

—Patti Smith

“This tale has a moral substance and political content that is most relevant for our time!”

—Cornel West

“Ralph Nader’s stunning masterpiece provides both a sharp critique and measured remedy for our current world . . .”

—Nomi Prins
former managing director, Goldman Sachs
author of It Takes a Pillage

“A breakthrough book that sparks the imagination and inspires us to think about the political economy our country deserves.”

—Rose Ann Demoro
executive director, California Nurses Association

“With apologies to Winston Churchill, never in the history of human suffering and economic conflict have so few been in a position to do so much for so many. In this eye-opening and mind expanding work of ‘practical utopia,’ Ralph Nader uses his unrivaled imagination to show all of us what a difference a few of us can make.”

—William C. Taylor
founding editor, Fast Company
coauthor, Mavericks at Work:
Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win



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This book is not a novel. Nor is it nonfiction. In the literary world,
it might be described as “a practical utopia.” I call it a fictional vision
that could become a new reality. Some known and not-well-known people
appear in fictional roles. I invite your imaginative engagement.

Ralph Nader
Washington, DC
July 2009


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